Choosing a Good Local Dentist

Mar 29, 2016 by

With so many dentists today, and the undeniable fact that dental health is important, picking a good local dentist is a baffling task. So, what’s the easy way to find a good local dentist? One that you can rely on to give you that million-dollar smile?

Here’s how it becomes easy:

  1. dentistDental insurance – If you have one, their policy might include a list of covered clinics AND services. Use that to narrow down your options. Good dental care doesn’t come cheap, and you might find that you already got yourself covered for quality treatment. No need to shed off the extra dime.
  2. Get advice – Admire someone’s smile? Heard of anyone who went through a good dental work? Who knows? They might direct you to the local dentist you’re looking for. Better yet, they know someone who can give the same quality service or dental package for a lower fee. That’s, of course, assuming you don’t have a dental insurance or the service you need is not covered in your policy. Veneers are quite hefty in the pocket.
  3. Specific need – What do you want done? Bleaching? Implants? A cleaning? Not all dentists are qualified to do every dental work. There are trainings and certifications required before one can perform a special task. He has to be an orthodontist, not a plain dentist, to perform orthodontic work.
  4. Check qualifications – Is he really a registered dentist? Some rural areas do have “dental clinics” posted by dentist-wannabees, and those who need a tooth pulled cheap and fast might get lured in. It happens. A registered dentist will have a license number posted somewhere, so it’s easy to search if he’s legit. State or government dental exam results are easily accessible online. His name should be there with the corresponding license number.

I have a trusted Dentist in Palm Beach Gardens Mark L. Civin DDS whom I visit regularly. I say what I need done, and ask her what she thinks I should have as well. If the fee is acceptable, or if the service is necessary that money doesn’t become an issue, we go ahead. She wasn’t “searched for”: I just got lucky that my parent’s had a dentist who lives nearby.

When abroad, however, it’s an entirely different story. That’s where I follow my own advice. The “good local dentist” description for the locals might be entirely different from yours. Be it for health reasons, for self-confidence, or for taking that smile an extra mile ahead, choosing a good local dentist shouldn’t be that hard.

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