Which kind of dentist does extractions

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Which kind of dentist does extractions

By default, all dentists can perform extractions. But, if you really want to be specific about which kind of dentist does extractions, you’d be able to narrow it down specifically to dentists under the oral surgery branch. This is called exodontistry.

People who specialize in exodontistry are better known as oral surgeons.

But this operation isn’t exclusive to oral surgeons. Periodontists are known for performing extractions as well as part of their normal functions. Periodontists normally have to deal with impacted teeth when operating on a patient. This means they’ll have to take out a tooth in order to perform their job.

Dental extractions are also taught in dentistry schools as a core skill so you can be sure that any dentist you come in contact with has taken out a tooth or two during their professional lives!

In fact, almost anyone can do a tooth extraction. If you loop a string around your loose tooth and tie the other end to a door and slam it, chances are you’ll be able to remove your own tooth. This is of course highly discouraged as infections could set in without the proper guidance from a trained professional! It just goes to show that tooth extractions can be done by anyone, licensed or not to carry out dental operations.

To conclude, why would you need to go specifically to an oral surgeon to have a tooth extraction if all other types of dentists can do the same thing?

It all boils down to one very specific answer: level of expertise.

Oral surgeons are trained specifically to address tooth extraction needs. They are backed with theoretical knowledge on how to do tooth extractions properly. On the practical side of things, oral surgeons deal with tooth extractions on a daily basis. The number of tooth extractions they do have a positive impact on their level of expertise in providing tooth extractions. In a short amount of time they’ll be able to see everything from the most mundane routine tooth extraction to complicated operations involving impacted teeth. The level of expertise they have also assures anyone that they can perform their duties quickly and as painlessly as possible leading to  a shorter visiting time at the dental clinic with less guess work involved.

So, if a tooth’s bothering you, go to an oral surgeon immediately and let him take care of the issue at hand.

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