Why do we avoid the dentist?

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Dentistry is an interesting thing. It’s needed, important raises your quality of life and is often avoided or feared. Perhaps television has a lot of answer for, with its jokes on dentists. Or maybe it’s just the discomfort of laying there while someone pokes around your mouth.


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Why do people avoid going to the dentist, and what can be done about it?

  • Lack of insurance – Cost is prohibitive for a lot of people. But that’s because they often overestimate the cost. A simple check up isn’t too much of a bank buster. If you look after your teeth by brushing twice a day, flossing and eating well you won’t need any work done. The cost of dentistry ends up so high because people avoid going to the dentist. Treatment, surgeries and procedures can end up costing a lot. It’s better to spend a little to prevent than to do nothing and spend a lot to fix.
  • Embarrassment – People see their face as who they are, their identity. Remember the time someone pointed out there was lettuce in your teeth and you felt a sense of shame? Yeah, close enough to the same thing. There’s an attachment to the teeth, almost as if having bad teeth is a judgement on you as a person. That embarrassment can make the problem worse. A smile doesn’t fix itself, it just falls into further disrepair. Save yourself further negative feelings by going to a dentist.
  • Lack of knowledge about dentistry – So, what can you tell me about dental work? What can you tell me about check ups? What can you tell me about dental surgery? What do you know about the tools used by a dentist? It’s likely you don’t much. There’s the drill, a tool used in movies to scare the character. A few metal songs have used the dentist’s drill in a song to cause discomfort and fear. However, dental instruments aren’t as scary as they look or sound. Kind of like that barking dog. Nothing to be scared of at all.
  • Laziness/Lack of time – It’s easy to get busy and caught up in daily life, and even easier to get a day off and do nothing. What you prioritise is what you end up doing. For many of us, the dentist isn’t a priority unless it’s an emerge This isn’t true, though. Your dental health is always a priority. Good dental health improves your quality of life, makes eating and drinking a pleasurable experience, and kissing someone are better with a clean and healthy mouth.

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